Article 1: Name

The Official club name shall be MidTN Multisport Club (MTM).

Article 2: Purpose

MidTN Multisport Club is an organized club to promote a healthy lifestyle and build relationships through training and education of endurance sports, which include, but is not limited to running, biking, swimming, duathlon, and triathlon.

Article 3: Membership and Dues

3.1 Membership shall be open to any individual who shares in the common purpose of MidTN Multisport. Membership shall be granted without discrimination upon basis of race, creed, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, and physical or mental handicap.


3.2 Dues will be paid by January 1 of each year. A grace period until March 1 will be extended, after which the delinquent member’s name will be deleted from the MTM roster and all membership privileges and rights cancelled. Dues will not be prorated. They will end for every member on Dec. 31 with one exception. Any new member, who joins after Oct. 31, will be paid up until December 31 the following year.


3.3 A member may be censured and/or terminated by the Executive Committee for good cause as determined by a two-thirds vote of the full Executive Committee.


3.4 The amount for dues will be set by the Executive Committee.



Article 4: Executive Committee


4.1 Four officers, the immediate past president, and two directors shall comprise the MidTN Multisport Executive Committee.


4.3 The offices are:



-Presides over board and executive meetings

-Makes appointments to fill board vacancies with the concurrence of the Executive Committee.

-Term is a one year term and can serve no more than two consecutive terms.

-Guides the members of the Executive Committee in devising and implementing goals, policies, and practices aimed at effective, coordinated pursuit of club objectives for the best interest of the club.

-Issues call for special meetings when necessary.

-Interfaces with sanctioning bodies when necessary.

-Signs all legal documents of the organization with Executive Committee approval.

-Along with the Treasurer, is authorized to sign checks on behalf of the club with the approval of Executive Committee.

-For the year following his/her term in office, the President will be a non-elected, voting member of the Executive Committee.

-Under the by-laws of the club, the President is a non-voting moderator at all meetings except:

1) If the President’s vote would break a tie.

2) If the President’s vote would create a tie.

3) The vote is taken by ballot.



Vice President

-Acts as president in the absence of the president.

-Responsible for guest speakers, if any, at club meetings.

-Responsible to coordinate certain annual awards as determined by the Executive Committee.

-Serves as the Chair of the Nominating Committee.



-Responsible for keeping accurate minutes at officer’s meetings.

-Offers guidance on points of order and procedure during meetings.

-Accepts assignments of correspondence and keeping of records from the President.

– Keeps a current roster of club members.



-Collects club’s dues.

– Pays club debts

-Accounts for club’s finances with a monthly report.

-Is authorized to sign checks on behalf of MTM.

-Must notify the Executive Committee when paying expenses over $500.



-Participate in officer’s meetings and vote on club’s policies.


Article 5: Elections


5.1 The Vice President shall establish a Nominating Committee of no less than 3 people by Oct. 1.

5.2 The Nominating Committee shall ask for nominations from the club members.

5.3 The slate of nominees shall be presented to the club members in writing at least 14 days prior to the November Annual Meeting, at which meeting additional nominations may be taken from the floor, and new officers elected.


Article 6: Terms


6.1 All terms will be served for one year from January 1 – December 31.

6.2 The President may only serve two consecutive terms.

6.3 All other Executive Committee positions have unlimited terms.


Article 7: Failure to Perform


7.1 Any Executive Committee member may be removed for failure to perform the duties of the office by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee.


7.2 Failure to attend three or more consecutive Regular Board Meetings or to attend any four

Regular Board Meetings in any one-year period shall constitute failure to perform. Any

Officer or Director subject to such a presumption should consider voluntarily removing

himself or herself from office in order to allow a suitable replacement.


Article 8: Special Committees and Projects:


8.1 Committees and Projects may be established by the Executive Board, with Chairpersons appointed by either the President or the Executive Board member charged with the program area governing the project.

8.2 The duration of the Committee/Project will be specified by the appointing officers with the consent of the Executive Board.

8.3 Committees that will be appointed are:

8.3.1 The Training Committee which will be responsible to 1) Create a schedule of weekly training. 2) Provide training partners for all levels. 3) Provide routes or maps at training events.

8.3.2 The Nominating Committee to present a slate of nominees for the club’s elective offices.

8.3.3 The Membership Committee which is responsible for recruiting new members and the retention of current members.

8.3.4 The Electronic Media Committee who shall oversee the clubs social media site and the clubs web page.


Article 9: Amendments to the By-Laws:


9.1 Proposed amendments will be recommended by the Executive Committee, and shall be presented in writing to the club members at least fourteen days before the next vote. Amendments shall be voted on by the club membership at a regular meeting.